Wednesday, July 06, 2022
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The PowerTill pizza and delivery system offers the most comprehensive features available in the marketplace


  ►  Specialised pizza functionality includes -
  • Automated topping control allows the customer to swap similar toppings at no charge
  • Automatically charges when a customer swaps up to a more expensive topping
  • Controls Create-Your-Own pizza with both free and possibly chargeable toppings
  • Always gives the cheapest toppings free, charges for the most expensive toppings
  • Control for up to 9 type of pizza base with up to 9 sizes of pizza base too!
  • Automated control of half 'n half and quarter pizzas

►  Specialised delivery functionality includes -

  • Customer line identificaction so you can identify the customers when they call
  • Up to 5 years of purchase history stored per customer
  • Multiple docket printing for the oven and driver (with customer address)
  • Option to print box labels for each item with delivery address and item count
  • Strict control of driver dockets and payment. Allows bulk payment of outstanding dockets
  • Tracks order time, despatch time and time to door for each order


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