Wednesday, July 06, 2022
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Biometric Software Features

   ►    Overview
With regards to staff log-in we have been using magnetic cards, iButtons® and RFID cards for quite a while. All of these technologies have the same common fault - the card or button can be passed from one staff member to another.

This is obviously a problem when staff are signing on/off for a shift and 'buddy punching' occurs. You are going to be paying some fairly serious labour charges for staff that aren't at work.

Now with M2Sys and Digital Persona Biometrics we are able to offer a highly accurate employee identification method.

►    Benefits
The biometrics solution is ideal for employee or customer identification in small, medium and large retail and service businesses by offering the following benefits:

• Eliminate barcode/card scanning or PIN numbers
• Accurately track employee time and attendance
• Control access to the PowerTill POS system
• Eliminate problems caused by lost or stolen cards
• Secure manager approvals or transaction overrides
• Optimize revenue recovery and operational efficiencies
• Improve consumer-facing applications
• Increase customer traffic and repeat business


►    What's the Bottom Line ?
The use of biometrics is rapidly becoming the de-facto means of person authentication in our commercial marketplace because there is no other method more safe, secure, affordable, or efficient. 

In the retail POS industry, biometrics is replacing costly, inefficient, and jeopardous ID card or PIN systems, and the businesses embracing it are realizing immediate benefits:

• Employee and customer identity is established with irrefutable proof and correctness
• Employees are held more accountable for their actions
• Significant cost savings in the administration and reproduction of ID cards or PINs
• Ease-of-use and advanced, secure technology investment attracts more customers
• Employees can never share their fingerprints !




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