Wednesday, July 06, 2022
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PowerTill Bill Printing

We are justifiably proud of the professional bill that we present to your customer.

  • The graphics logo is a high-quality 300dpi image and we give you another 6 lines of text for your contact details.
  • The bill is sorted by print groups so that your starters all appear together on the bill then your main courses,  dessert, bar etc.
  •  If your store is situated in an area frequented by tourists then you will want to tell them that there is no service charge included in the bill total, unlike most European establishments.
  • Tipping rules change from country to country. It's typical in Beijing to leave a 2.5% tip whereas it's not unusual to leave 18%-20% in New York. Printing our local tipping rules on the bill is a courtesy that few restaurants extend to their tourist guests.
  • Also printed on the bill is an optional text-based advert or a high-quality graphic coupon. Either option is ideal for marketing your daily specials.


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